I have been working within photography since the early nineties, initially as a photographic assistant shooting predominantly with medium and large format cameras, and now in the digital realms as a fine art printer and retoucher.

Having trained as a fine artist at Chelsea, Camberwell and Norwich art schools, I feel that the manner in which I work evidently differs from the norm. I prefer to keep a fairly small client base to ensure maximum time and consideration for each job.

Perfectionism and patience, traits of traditional painters, are so obviously befitting of this work, as is an understanding of colour, form, tone and balance which embody the fundaments of any type of image making.

Photoshop is just a mosaic of pixels that one can move, conjoin or eliminate, but the rest is all about colour.

Overworking images obliterates fine detail, variation and depth of colour are lost; Knowing which thoughts and actions to exhaust, without draining the beauty of the REAL picture requires a maverick eye capable of realising something quite original.

Working closely, infact often alongside photographers provides a level of understanding and synergy that is so often crucial in this sphere of work.

Assembling portfolios is also greatly helped by my own personal experience, having spent years putting together my own folios of drawings and paintings.

The layout and presentation of a body of work that's to be shown are critical to the way in which it is seen.

Paper type, size and image placement, both on the page and within a context, are all crucial and often overlooked elements.

Fine control and intent ensure that the final image or print is as polished as a bronze sculpture fresh from the foundry.